Hello, my name is Emma. I believe we are created to create and I do this with my hands, arms, intuition and sometimes feet. I've been a bodyworker and massage therapist for 9+ years and use many techniques which are ancient as well as cutting edge. More than four years of my experience comes from working in an injury clinic under an MD, alongside a PT and OT. I have a knack for helping people with headaches, tension, stress, chronic pain, discomfort in the wrist/hands/feet/low back/neck, neuropathy and scars.

Creancient Massage Arts LLC is named in loving memory of Elizabeth Baum. Liz loved the word Creancient. When Liz was towards the end of her Journey on earth I gave her several cranial sacral therapy treatments which she touted as being the first time she wasn't in pain in years of living with lymphoma. May her memory be a blessing.


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