Integral Bodywork & Medical Massage

During your intake (before I touch you), I ask questions and listen to your goals for our session, and suggest modalities that might work best for you. We will customize your treatment plan for your body to optimize feeling well. This is why medical-based massage works so well—it's a collaborative effort and a flexible journey.

If you prefer to discuss and create a plan ahead of time, please send me a message. If you have any questions or would like more information about a modality please don't hesitate to ask. I will be linking peer-reviewed studies which back up the efficacy of such things as cranial sacral therapy and Dolphin Neurostim MPS soon.


Cranial Sacral Therapy

Swedish Massage

Myofascial Release

Sports Massage

The Feldenkrais Method

Thai Massage

Dolphin MPS Neurostim (excellent for neuropathy, pain and scar tissue).

Cupping (excellent for tension and congestion ).


Positional Release

Trigger Point Therapy

90 minutes — The Sephirot

Ah 90 minutes is good to be able to encourage the body to unwind and uncover more layers. Have you experienced cups used in a gliding motion along your spine? There's more time for a variety of modalities with this package. Your nervous system and sleep will thank you. Sephirot means emanations in Hebrew, aspects of the Divine that map between the fullness of the physical world and it's source.

$100 for 90 minutes.

60 minutes — The Tiferet

An hour is ideal to help you relax deeply, using a combination of modalities that will work best for your intentions. In Hebrew "tiferet" means sublime healing, when you relax deeply your body can heal itself. Sometimes that means pulsing the cranial rhythm gently through your spine and/or sometimes it means an elbow in your piriformis.

$80 for 60 minutes.

30 minutes — The Car Wash

Your body is a vehicle. Give it a little tune-up with modalities of your choice. Choose from any combination of services, just want a back massage? An MPS tx for a scar, cupping or a little cranial sacral therapy/ foot massage? You got it.

$50 for 30 minutes.

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